Pack Leadership

Ingrid Wagner

Justine Carter
Assistant Cubmaster

Talma Viera
Committee Chair


WEBELOS II (Fifth Grade)

 Talma Viera
WEBELOS I: (Fourth Grade)

  Ingrid Wagner

  BEARS: (Third Grade)
     Barry and Justine Carter

Wolves: (Second Grade)

       Max Polanco & Adam Hale

Tigers: (First Grade)

      Ron Baird


Pack Committee:

Mark Lanni

Volunteer Leadership

Thousands of volunteer leaders, both men and women, are involved in the Cub Scout program. They serve in a variety of positions, as everything from unit leaders to pack committee chairmen, committee members, den leaders, and chartered organization representatives.

Like other phases of the Scouting program, a Cub Scout pack belongs to an organization with interests similar to those of the BSA. This organization, which might be a church, school, community organization, or group of interested citizens, is chartered by the local BSA council to use the Scouting program. This chartered organization provides a suitable meeting place, adult leadership, supervision, and opportunities for a healthy Scouting life for the boys under its sponsorship. Each organization appoints one of its members as a chartered organization representative. The organization, through the pack committee, is responsible for providing leadership, the meeting place, and support materials for pack activities.