Your gift to Pack 12 will help the boys realize their dreams and become tomorrow's leaders.

Through your generosity, they will grow into active and engaged members of their communities and develop their full potential in their chosen fields. Join us in helping the boys have a great year.

By making a monetary contribution to the Pack 12 Cub Scouts in Lutz, FL, you help make an immediate difference in the lives of boys.

Donations can be made by writing a check to "Pack 12".

How will your donation be spent?

Individual pack dues cover only a fraction of the costs incurred during the year so we rely on fundraisers and donations by friends and families for the rest. Pack Meetings, Camping trips and other events add up to over $4,000 each year so we need any assistance we can get. The more help we get, the more we can do for the boys.

Most importantly, we never turn a scout away based on money. Your donation can help cover these costs.

If you're interested in helping out, every dollar helps but here are some rough cost estimates.

    • Pack Meetings: Pack meetings average $175-$200 each for 5 major pack events during the year. This money covers everything from food/drinks to badges and other awards.
    • Pinewood Derby: The Pinewood Derby is one of the most exciting events we do each year and it comes with all of the costs incurred in a regular pack meeting plus the cost of the cars and trophies. These usually add up to another $100-$200.
      • Rocket Derby and Raingutter Regatta: These events are similar to the Pinewood Derby, but the scouts craft rockets and sailboats from kits instead of cars.
      • Camping Trips: We try to go on at least 2 campouts during the scouting year. Costs for these trips usually run $20-$25 per scout which covers camp ground fees, food for lunch-breakfast-dinner, patches and snacks. Scout leaders provide most of the common gear, games, prizes and other items.
      • Other Outings: We participate in a number of other activities throughout the year, like tubing on the river, visiting NASA, baseball games, etc... Collecting funds through donations helps keep the per-event costs to a minimum for each scout.